Coronavirus – Information on the New Coronavirus Spread in Asia


Coronavirus – Information on the New Coronavirus Spread in Asia

Coronavirus is a virus that causes infections of the respiratory tract. The virus is caused by a simple cold or influenza. Many different types of strains of this virus have been identified. Some of the most common strains are CA-CD4, which causes colds that last longer than seven days; CO Virus which causes colds that last longer than fourteen days; and the novel strain – Coronavirus, which causes more than half of all cases worldwide. Most cases are of a mild illness that can be easily cured with over-the-counter medications.

Coronavirus is a highly contagious virus and can spread quickly between people. If one person with Coronavirus has a cold or flu symptoms it can cause the onset of symptoms in any person in the same family. Symptoms can range from high fever to severe sore throat, breathing difficulties, headache and nausea. This virus is one of the most common viruses in the United States and has an estimated 90% prevalence in the population. One of the main reasons it is so commonly caught is the ease of transmission from human to animal, as well as vice versa. The majority of people who contract Coronavirus do not show any outward signs of the illness or may not experience any symptoms for months or years.

There is no cure for Coronavirus, but fortunately there are some methods to prevent becoming infected with it. People should avoid kissing other people, sharing drinks and eating foods that they may have recently eaten in China, Korea, or Japan. Individuals should wear goggles and gloves while traveling to these areas of the world. Individuals should also wash their hands frequently and use reliable hand-wash stations around the home. These precautions should help limit the number of people contracting Coronavirus.