A Look at the World of International News

World News

A Look at the World of International News

World news, either international news or world news or global news is the general news terminology for worldwide news, usually about a particular region or an international context. Some of the most well-known world news stories include the earthquake in Haiti, the conflict in Iraq, the fighting in Nigeria, and unrest in the Kashmir Valley among many others. These global events inspire new events and often bring whole communities together. International news is important because it informs people when there is conflict or another major event going to happen in their corner of the world.

The need for international news has increased dramatically over time and the demand for correspondents is therefore very high. As a result, there are many news agencies all around the world ready to provide their services. But some companies have started to provide the service free of cost and so it is available to all news agencies. Some of the famous news agencies that provide the service free of charge to its clients are CNN, Agence France-Paris, Associated Press, Reuters, and the AP.

Foreign journalism is a separate field from international news. This is very much similar to journalism as it involves writing about events that happen outside the country but has a different focus altogether. For instance, a journalist working for a French newspaper could be covering the events in India, while a bureau from the United Kingdom could be reporting about the earthquake in China. The best thing about working for a freelance news agency is that you do not have to belong to a specific company. You can work for any freelancing organization you want. Many foreign correspondents are based in cities all over the world; they offer their services to many other freelance news agencies for a stipend.